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It’s Finally Thursday: The Return of Critical Role Campaign 2

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Written by Jonathan | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Critters rejoice! It’s finally happening – Critical Role is actually back. I’ll admit that I took the quarantine season to catch up on Critical Role campaign 2. Before the stay-at-home order, I was somewhere in the Captain Tusktooth story arc and I wasn’t listening as religiously as I was when the second campaign first started. In other words, I was really behind and I wasn’t going to catch up anytime soon. But now I am caught up and I am so ready for more. Narrative telephone can only tease us for so long.

The show started off with a very touching poem by none other than our favorite player Sam Riegel. It was a sweet introduction and welcome back for CritRole and critters alike, with a nod to current national issues involving the Black Lives Matter movement. As a PoC, I appreciate the allyship that Critical Role provides to marginalized folks and I want to acknowledge that they’re doing a lot. I think they can do more, but we’ll see if I get to that conversation in this particular blog or not.

We start off with our heroes facing off against a giant dragon turtle! Matt has way too much fun with a couple of natural 20s and a handful of high rolls. But (as I predicted), the polymorph spells came flying out and the Mighty Nein were able to escape. My roommate had guessed that the dragon turtle would’ve been immune or at least able to shapeshift out of polymorph but, not this time. After trying to escape from their now polymorphed enemy, they realize that it was still on their tail and polymorphed it again, this time into something less quick – a sea slug.

Monster in the Deepby Bayard Wu

It was hilarious to watch them try to figure out what to turn it into. Funnily enough, a normal sea turtle—what they first turned it into—has a faster swim speed than the dragon turtle. A crab or maybe something that can’t swim would’ve been just as fine too. A sea slug works though!

On their escape from the dragon turtle towards Rumblecusp, our lovable Jester decided to send a message via the sending spell to the dragon turtle, only to be returned with threatening replies such as “I will get what I want.”

In the second half of the show, our heroes make it to Rumblecusp, the site of the long awaited Traveler Con! Caleb scouts the island with Frumpkin and finds a village. The inhabitants don’t seem to be indigenous to the island although we don’t really know just yet. The Mighty Nein decide to go ahead and traverse into the forest with the hopes of reaching this village. On the way, they run into three displacer beasts and two werebears. The werebears win the fight against the beasts and shapeshift back into humanoids who introduce themselves to the Mighty Nein. These folks are from the village that Caleb saw earlier and are seemingly friendly. However through conversation, the Mighty Nein have a suspicion that they are a part of a cult who lives on the island. The episode ends as they walk into the village and meet two of the three leaders – have our heroes walked into a trap? Will they be able to leave the island? Will Traveler Con even happen? Is it Thursday yet?!

Whoa, Werebears.

I think I can speak for almost all, if not all, critters and say that we’re so excited to have Critical Role back! It feels like it’s been forever and our favorite players and heroes are back at the table doing what they do best. From Yasha’s flower-picking to Sam’s terrible rolls, the night was filled with some great moments.

For me, the roleplaying award for the night will have to go to Jester. I just love the moment that Laura used sending to communicate with the dragon turtle to see what it wanted from them. It’s always nice to see Laura roleplay a super playful Jester and tonight was no different. It was a nice “welcome back” gesture from Jester!

What was your favorite moment of the night? What do you think is going to happen next? Honestly, the idea of a cult makes me a little uncomfortable but it will likely make for a good story. As this story element unfolds, I’ll speak more about why it’s uncomfortable. See you next time!